The Hitler Line  
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  hl01.jpg   Hitler Line looking South to the Start Line  
  hl02.jpg   Where the Easternmost minefield was at the Hitler Line  
  hl03.jpg   Looking East from the Hitler Line to Monte Cairo  
  hl04.jpg   The ravine where Lt Donald Hunt's Churchill tank toppled over during the battle  
  hl05.jpg   Lt Donald Hunt enjoying a well earned whiskey  
  hl06jpg   The view from the top of Monte Cassino, at the Abbey  
  hl07.jpg   The Monastry at Monte Casino  
  hl08.jpg   American M10 Tank Destroyer  
  hl09.jpg   Sherman Tank  
  nihhl10.jpg   Some sort of turret thing  
  hl11.jpg   SUO Colin Davidson explaining to his CO, Lt Col Nick Tougher, what a "crack" soldier he is  
  hl12.jpg   Italian memorial at Monte Lungo  
  hl13..jpg   Inscription at the Italian Memorial  
  hl14.jpg   Informative history lesson delivered by Lt Col Nick Tougher  
  hl15.jpg   Lt Donald Hunt giving first hand experience to soldiers of 40 Sigs Rgt.  
  hl16.jpg   Commonwealth Grave Site, Cassino  
  hl17.jpg   Lt Donald Hunt at the North Irish Horse Graves, Cassino  
  hl18.jpg   NIH Chairman Gareth Baillie-Stewart, Lt Donald Huntand Lt Col Nick Tougher at the North Irish Horse Graves, Cassino  
  hl19.jpg   Monte Cassino from the Commonwealth Graves  
  hl20.jpg   Polish War Graves at Cassino  
  hl21.jpg   Inspection of Pontecorvo  
  hl22.jpg   A moment's respite on the Hitler Line in our busy schedule