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  nihit01   Casa Riccibiti, Jan 1945 Back Row L-R Basil Baker, ?, Boyd, C. Hamilton(?), ?, Terry McGrath, Lt M Bexon, Winyard. Front Row L-R Parfit, Millson, Wardle, Jefferson, ?.  
  nihit02   Ogbourne St. George 1941. L-R ?, T. Eager, Roy Burke, Basil Baker  
  nihit03   NIH members in Rome with Canadians 1944  
  nihit04   NIH members in Rome 1944  
  nihit05   Sgt H McI (Roy) Burns in Rome 1944. He was killed shortly after this picture was taken. Buried in Forli Military Cemetary 2/1/44  
  nihit06   A Churchill tank of the NIH co-operated with Canadian infantry in Italy 1944  
  nihit07   Italy 1945  
  nihit08   Built-in gun emplacement 75mm. Captured German?  
  nihit09   Knocked out German Panzer VI Tiger  
  nihit10   A British 75mm Sherman Tank. These tanks were also used by the NIH  
  nihit11   Churchill tanks 1944  
  nihit12   A Sqn fitters in a half-track 1944  
  nihit13   REME fixing a broken track 1944  
  nihit14   Churchill tank mounting 95mm gun. Tpr Duke  
  nihit15   A Sqn fitters recovering a Churchill tank 1944. L-R Sgt Mitchell, Tpr Bailey, Sgt Jackson, Tpr Barr, Tpr Gallagher  
  nihit16   Honey tank. Recce Troop HQ Sqn 1944  
  nihit17   Churchill tank on Bridging equipment 1944  
  nihit18   Lt Pyle Hitler Line 23rd May 1944  
  nihit19   No 2 Troop B Sqn the day before the Battle of the Hitler Line  
  nihit20   C Sqn May 1945  
  nihit21   No 2 Troop C Sqn May 1945  
  nihit22   Sgt's Mess, May 1945  
  nihit23   NIH Tanks in Italy  
  nihit24   Mike Pope is bottom right, and possibly the Colonel center front is Tony Llewellen-Parker.
  nihit25   Preparing for the Rimini Races