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  nihna01   Ksar Mesquar Sector 28th February 1943. Churchill tanks going into action  
  nihna02   A Churchill tank concealed begind a high bank, waiting to go into action  
  nihna03   Attack on Longstop Hill 23rd April 1943. Infantry and Churchill tank  
  nihna04   A British Tommy gives a cigarette to an Arab in Tebourba  
  nihna05   Churchill tanks entering Forli (Italy) 9th November 1944  
  nihna06   Medjerda Vally seen from Longstop  
  nihna07   Looking south from Longstop  
  nihna08   West from Longstop  
  nihna09   North from Djebel Abiod  
  nihna10   Sedjenane (1)  
  nihna11   Sedjenane (2)  
  nihna12   A Sqn 1943  
  nihna13   German Mark V1 tank knocked out. L/Cpl Wallace (right edge) B Sqn fitter  
  nihna14   Victory parade, Tunis 1943  
  nihna15   Brig D Dawnay  
  nihna16   Sgt's Mess C Sqn at Ain Mokra 1942: Standing L-R Sgt Stevenson, SQMS Humpston, Sgt Murray, Sgt Frost, Sgt Gettings, Sgt Bone, SSM Bunstead: Sitting L-R Sgt Elliott, Sgt Gardiner, Sgt Johansen, Sgt Bell, Sge McLaughlin