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  nihww101   Trumpeter Henderson 1906  
  nihww102   Imperial Yeomanry march past at the Curragh Camp, Dublin  
  nihww132   North of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry, Curragh Camp 1905, Courtesy of Patrick Rotheram  
  nihww131   "D" Sqn, north of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry, Dundalk, 27th May 1904 courtesy of Patrick Rotheram, Grandson of Auston Rotheram who founded and commanded the Sqn.  
  nihww103   Ballerna 1910, Parade on Annual Camp Magilligan  
  nihww104   Regimental Sergeants Mess  
  nihww105   Sgt D.C.Campbell 1910 (1)  
  Unknown (1)  
  nihww107   Sgt D.C. Campbell 1910 (2)  

Unknown (2)

  nihww109   Sgt with horse at the Curragh (1)  
  nihww110   Sgt with horse at the Curragh (2)  
  nihww111   L/Cpl G.T. Honer & Tpr Brennan 1Tp B Sqn 32nd Divisional Cavalry, Bethune 1915  
  nihww112   Capt R.A.B. Filgate on the grey horse  
  nihww113   Antrim 1915 (1)  
  nihww114   Antrim 1915 (2)  
  nihww115   Antrim 1915 (3)  
  nihww116   Lieutenant The Lord Wimbourne on parade, Warrenpoint 1915  
  nihww117   D Sqn SNCOs Newcastle 1914  
  nihww118   Pre WW1 group photograph, unknown  
  nihww119   Lord Shaftesbury & Lord Cole at Murlough 1909  
  nihww120   Unknown portrait  
  nihww121   Unknown group portrait  
  nihww122   L-R Capt Holt-Waring & Lt West VC  
  nihww123   Unknown Photograph, Bloomfield Bakery truck  
  nihww124   Watercolour of NIH officer  
  nihww125   Tpr Maurice G Wheelhouse  
  nihww126   Tpr Maurice G wheelhouse January 1917  
  nihww127   Wm. Finlay, who was killed in France by a German shell on 23 June 1916  
  nihww128   A group of North Irish Horse soldiers, all of whom were later killed in action  
  nihww129   Francis Joseph MacMahon on Horseback  
  nihww130   A portrait of Francis Joseph MacMahon  
  nihww133   Pte 1687 Matthew Jackson  
  Nihww134   Tpr A.R Vaughan who lost a leg and a lung during WWI and was discharged on 17th Auguast 1914 with the 1914 Star